HEC11 Conference Mobile App

Why you need to use the Mobile App

Ubiquitous access to the conference programme – Digitised conference programme that makes it easy for you to view the conference date, time (chronological), venues, presentations and rate individual presentation through your mobile phone.

Digitised book of abstracts – Easily search for abstracts using the search function. This allows you to search for a specific abstract using a keyword in the abstract title.

Networking opportunity – Contact conference presenters via email.

Real time announcement – Receive conference related announcement as notification

E-evaluation and rating – Rate your experience at the conference and individual presentations you attend by clicking and typing your responses using your phone. Note that the evaluation and rating is one-off, you can only submit your responses ones, after which the submit button will be unavailable.

Never get lost to the event venue – The navigation portal uses google maps to direct you to the event venue from you location. Ensure you have your android global service on.

Access to useful links by a click – go to the websites of HEC11 host by clicking on the logos on the landing page.