Thematic Track 11

Theme 11: Open and Blended Learning

Coordinators: Dr Kaviraj Sharma Sukon, Director General and Mr Perienen Appavoo

Can the brick-and-mortar universities provide higher education to the increasing number of people willing to acquire university education? The development of the web technologies is allowing the rapid dissemination of information around the globe. This makes high quality open and distance learning potentially a key to widening access to higher education in developed and developing countries. Constructs such as MOOCs, e-campus, off-campus, blended mode, and online universities are now an integral part of the higher education discourse. 

However, experts agree that distance education, which remains multidisciplinary in nature, is still in a developmental phase. Several challenges must be overcome: Which form should the teaching and learning process take in an increasingly interactive world? How do we ensure that the quality of the delivery meets the required norms? What are acceptable norms, standards and models for higher education institutions in a connected world? 

Academics and researchers are invited to submit papers that offer insights into effective practices in teaching and learning through distance/blended/on-line modes while addressing the emerging and growing learning needs of the 21st century.