Conference Theme and Thematic Strands

 Conference Theme

Higher Education Today:
Crises, Contestations, Contemplations and Futures

 Thematic Strands

In line with the theme of the conference, the following thematic strands have been identified:

No.  Thematic Strands Strand Coordinators 
1. Decolonisation and Transformation of the Curriculum: When, what, how, who? - Read more Professor Michael Samuel,
and Dr Fayth Ruffin
2. Higher Education Data Analytics: Building organizational and analytical capacity to support student progression - Read more
Professor Naven Chetty,
and Dr Annah Bengesai
3. Governance and Leadership in Higher Education - Read more Dr Cecile Proches,
and Dr Mabutho Sibanda
4. Student Attributes, Transitions, Destinations and Aspirations - Read more
Professor Nyna Amin,
Ms Rose Mokhosi,
and Mr Nevil Balakrishna
5. Collaboration for Sector-wide Change in Higher Education in respect of Quality Enhancement and Funding - Read more
Professor Bala Pillay; Dr Tilly Moodley; Dr Brian Shawa; Dr Saras Reddy
6. Language Policy, Planning and Implementation in Higher Education: Future directions - Read more
Dr Langa Khumalo,
and Dr Ansurie Pillay
7. Technology for the 21st Century Teaching & Learning - Read more
Mr Ebrahim Adam,
and Mr Abdulbaqi Badru
8. Disciplinary Contestations and Pedagogic Practices: Fuzzy Boundaries but Clear Teaching? - Read more
Professor Maheshvari Naidu,
and Professor Daisy Pillay
9. Reclaiming the Arts in Higher Education - Read more
Professor Chats Devroop
10. Open and Blended Learning - Read more
Dr Kaviraj Sharma Sukon; Director General & Mr Perienen Appavoo
 Conference Chair and Coordinator: Dr Rubby Dhunpath

Abstract submissions must align with any one of these thematic strands.