Thematic Track 4

Theme 4: Student Attributes, Transitions, Destinations and Aspirations

Coordinators: Professor Nyna Amin, Ms Rose Mokhosi and Mr Nevil Balakrishna

21st Century university students: (i) want to have a voice in their education, and will respond better to instruction when their voices are heard; (ii) have higher levels of digital literacy than their parents or teachers; (iii) want freedom to express their creativity and dislike rote learning; (iv) want to connect with others in real time, all the time, and on their own terms using social media and mobile technology; (v) collaborate well and embrace teamwork; (vi) can multi-task; (vii) incorporate a “trial and error” approach to learning new skills; (viii) learn better by doing rather than by watching; (ix) have multicultural awareness and appreciation; (x) are open to change; (xi) have access to information – do not know a world without Google; and (xii) consequently have access to more knowledge.
In response, the 21st century academic has to be creative and innovative in curriculum design and pedagogy, engage with blended learning, and integrate emerging academic and digital literacies in the curriculum. We invite papers and posters highlighting how the needs of the 21st century university student can be met by the 21st century university teacher.

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